Thursday, March 24, 2011

How'd Y'all Say That Again??? Part 2


Annie of has come up with another geat dialect blog hop. A list of words for all of us to say and questions to answer to see how people around the country pronounce different words or call different every day things.  If you want to check out Part 1 see MamaDweeb's blog.

(Gotta love that face... looks like I'm scared to death - UGH!!)

'So here is the list of words:  Roof, Root, Illinois, Arkansas River, Missouri, About, Ask, Abdomen, Especially, Hierarchy, Often, Realtor, Coyote

Here are the questions to answer:

1. What do you call it when friends get together and eat food outside?

2. What do you call the meal at noon? What about 6pm?

3. What do you call the thing you put your groceries in after you buy them?

4. What is it called when you ride a sled down a snowy hill?

5. What is another word for a stream you find in the woods?

6. What is the piece of furniture you store you clothes in?

7. What do you call the stuff you throw away?

8. What is the huge piece of furniture in your living room that at least 3 people can sit on?

9. What is the common/slang way for where you live to say, “Calm down”?

10. What do you call the colorful candy toppings you put on donuts?

That was so much fun and listening to all the other bloggers on the hop is even more fun. Grab the button, link up with MamaDweeb, and visit the other participants and have fun!



Anonymous said...

trash/garbage bags...gotta side with your husband on this one...(made me laugh)

Lucinda said...

Good girl! Because I'm here to tell you, there is no NOISE in Illinois! :)

Amanda said...

No freakin' way am I doing a vlog but damn if I don't wanna tell y'all how to say some stuff. I mean, how differently could you say Arkansas River - please God don't tell me someone pronounces the S on Arkansas.

Annie said...

@Amanda - people in Kansas pronounce it Are-KANSAS river. For some weird reason that I cannot figure out, Kansas folk think we own that river or something. LOL!!

Lorie, thanks for joining!!
You are the 2nd person to call it Tobogganing. that is a fun word :) oh I forgot about brook.
YES!! I was correct with the definition of chest of drawers. That is all thanks to my mother in law.
I am laughing at how he has garbage bags and trash bags. that is hilarious to me!

Xmas Dolly said...

Well, most of those I say the same way you do, and the words you call things are pretty similar. I won't be able to do this one because I just took on a job for a friend of mine, and I'm going to be handling the advertising of his career, and I getting paid. So, I guess much of my spare time is going to be taken up too. More later. Great job there girlfriend. Oh, the one that was different you called it a chest of drawers - I call it an Ar-more (not sure of the spelling).

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Sweetie I hope the breathing is doing better!!!

LOVE LOVE you in glasses. HUGS sweets.

~ Noelle said...

love your laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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