Monday, March 14, 2011

Self-Portrait Sunday ~~ Grammy's Funny Face

Maria's Space

My friend Maria over at Maria's Space started this meme to get us out from BEHIND the camera and showcase our own lovely faces on our blogs.... We don't want to have a blog full of our family, friends and children and when we go back years later and wonder.... where the heck were we and what did we look like?

I love how Maria is always posting photos of herself in silly poses or making funny faces..... SOOOO today I decided to to post a photo of myself that is utterly ridiculous. This is a picture of what my grandson calls, "Grammy Lorie's Funny Face," whenever I make this face, he cracks up hysterically.  To me, there is no greater sound in the whole world than that of a child's laughter, so I'd make this face for him anytime I see him - which is never enough... They live in Texas.

So... if I can post that sill photograph, there is no excuse for any of you not to participate in this meme.  I know I am late this week, but we had a rough weekend {too many details to get into, but I'm gonna catch up today.}  Join Maria by posting your beautiful face and linking up with Maria over at Maria's Space and visiting the other participants and leaving them a nice comment.



Alexis AKA MOM said...


Simply Being Mommy said...

You crack me up girl!

fredamans said...

LOL awesome!

onangelwings said... are too funny. How do you get your eyes so big.

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